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Fr.Larre was born in Saskatchewan, the youngest of 13 children. At age five he was paralyzed by polio and doctors said he would never walk again. But with many prayers by family and friends, and with much determination, he walked in two years! Later he lived and worked with over 400 troubled adolescents during a 20 year period.

In recognition of his work with children, Father Larre received the Golden Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Good Servant Award from the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews for improving the quality of life for people in the greatest need, the William Kurelek Award from the National Pro-Life Association for having  distinguished himself in providing a better life for needy and abandoned children, and in 1983, the Order of Canada, the highest honor awarded to Canadians, in recognition of his outstanding and highly distinguished contributions to his country. However Father Larre returned his Order of Canada in July, 2008, as a protest to the selection committee because they awarded this prestigious award to the abortionist Dr. Morgenthaler. Then in 2012 Father Larre received the Diamond Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his contributions to Canadian children, adolescents and families.

Father Larre has his Master of Arts, Master of Education and his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. However, he no longer works as psychologist. Currently, he lives in Coquitlam, B.C., and continues to help children and their families. He conducts training workshops for parents and teachers, and preaches parish missions across Canada and abroad. Father Larre is recognized as one of Canada's most popular speakers.

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